When you think about the objects we surround ourselves with, what do they say about us? We don’t merely occupy our environments we live in them. A sofa is a very personal item, pivotal moments in your life happen on a sofa. Oh the stories they could tell of seductions, divorce, family reunions, office party’s trysts and tentative teenage romance – beginnings and endings. Montauk creates furniture of and for the times we live in, influenced by the culture, the art and design, the history and pace of the world we inhabit. Montauk Sofa features a superb selection of ‘handmade in Montreal’ upholstered sofas, love seats, chairs, sectionals, sleeper sofas, outdoor furniture, beds and rugs. International and domestic designer collections of tables, chairs, lighting, kitchen and bedding complete the array of luxury furniture designed for the diverse needs of the modern lifestyle.