What differentiates a montauk sofa from other brands

Comfort. Goose down. 90% down, 10% latex foam. This gives the softest and most buoyant seat. The more the seat is used, the softer it becomes. Down allows you to fall until it holds you suspended. *The competition used 90% foam, 10% polyester, and inferior feather (chicken/duck). After time, polyester will compress and not bounce back; sitting on this is similar to sitting on a board.

Latex foam. Two pounds of latex foam on the sofa. Manufactured with two characteristics in mind: high density, and high compression. The higher the density, the more likely the foam will keep its original compression. The competition used inferior foam; you can feel the wood underneath.

Our sofas have 3 times more wood than other sofas on the market. Solid pieces of kiln-dried hardwood maple used in construction of our pieces.

Stapled, screwed and reinforced with solid pieces of wood at pressure points. Not dowels; dowels are faster, but not better.
Coils/springs are 8-way hand-tied. Each coal ties in 8 different places so coil is secure. Each coil reacts and rebounds to your body weight. It take half a day to tie a sofa. Competition uses sinuous coils, drop in units, 4-6 way tied units that act as a platform for cushion instead of support. This coiling system will not last long – the springs will either be hard as a rock (if tied too tight) or will bottom out (if not tied tight enough).

Our coils are the same as those used in mattresses. We do not use “No-sag” sinuous coils, which are used by many other companies. No-sag coils arch, are too short [feel hard], and damage easily.
We use webbing in addition to coils. Other sofas only use webbing.
Our loose pillow back is 40” instead of 36”

Do Montauk Sofas come with a warranty?

15-year warranty on Frame.
15-year warranty on Goose Down.
20-year warranty on 8-way Hand-Tied Spring System.

How to care for the base cover upholstery

Washing will cause shrinkage. A customer can ask to have the base pre-washed (record on invoice, $100 charge) . There are professionals who can be hired to clean upholstery for a customer.

Why are our cottons untreated?

Most fabrics have been treated (Kravet, Robert Allen, Joanne).
Hard stains like newspaper, magazines, and chocolate cake may stain fabrics.
Red wine trick: use white wine to remove.
When in doubt, ask a professional cleaner.

How to wash upholstery

If you’d like to have your upholstery treated, please contact your Montauk showroom for the closest Fibreshield office near you. They will come to your house and treat your furniture on site.

How to wash slip covers

If your slipcover is 100% cotton, it has already been pre-washed and pre-shrunk at our factory. Wash in cold water inside out with zippers closed and tumble dry low or air dry. Slipcovers should be put back on the furniture while slightly damp, from back to front, for best fit and to relax wrinkles.

Use an industrial washing machine (30lb capacity, front loading).

Wash the slipcovers as a set so that fading is consistent. Washing parts more than other can result in varying colour. It is not recommended. Wash with cold water. Choose delicate cycle. Close all zippers before putting in washer & dryer. Anything other than 100% cotton should be dry-cleaned.

Can I have my upholstery treated?

If you’d like to have your upholstery treated, please contact your Montauk showroom for the closest Fibreshield office near you. They will come to your house and treat your furniture on site.

Caring for cushions

Down cushions should be shaken and turned at least twice weekly. Much like down duvets, it is excellent for the down to be “fluffed up” often. The best way to shake all the cushions is to hold onto the cushion at each side of the zipper, shaking all the down to the front of the cushion.


Delivery dates are approximate. Customers are responsible for verifying building and room access and all entry measurements. Production dye lots may vary from showroom fabric samples due to natural content of fibres. All merchandise must be paid for prior to delivery. Proper care and cleaning of your furniture will ensure a lifetime of comfort!

Will the sofa fit?

Client must measure the path the sofa will take as it enters the house or condo, not just the space they want it in.

Measure elevators, hallways, and doors
Measuring the width of doors. Standard doors are approximately 31”– 32” wide. Flipped on their backs, most of our sofas (30”H) will fit, as long as there are no walls of obstructions on either side of door to prevent the sofa from going through the door into the room.

Most styles of sofas can be delivered with feet off to reduce the height by 2 inches. Feet are not removable on Kate, Lily, Catherine because feet are built into frames.

Measuring hallways
If there is a wall or a turn, the sofa must be able to go vertical, which requires a ceiling height of at least the length of the sofa plus 5 inches.
If the sofa must turn into or out of a narrow hallway while in the vertical position, the width of the hallway should be at least 4 inches wider than the depth of the sofa.

Measuring elevators
Get width of doors, ceiling height, and elevator depth and width. Elevator height must be 5 inches taller than length of the sofa, if the sofa must go vertical. Elevator depth must be at least 4 inches deeper than depth of sofa.

Measuring stairways
If the sofa must go vertically up the stairs, the client must measure the ceiling height from both the top and bottom step. This measurement should be 5 inches more than the length of the sofa. Each step must have this measurement to accommodate the sofa.

Tell the client to look for bulkheads and lower ceiling heights that may impede the path of the sofa (especially if going into a basement).

If there is a landing that changes the direction of the staircase, the sofa will need to go vertical. If, when going up he stairs, the landing is needed and if the landing is too narrow then the stairs must be utilized to provide enough depth (5” more than depth of sofa). When determining the height, consideration must be made of the lower step. The necessary height above the lowest step is 5” more than the sofa on the landing plus the height of the lowest step needed in the depth.

When in doubt
When in doubt whether or not a sofa will fit, get as many dimensions as possible, make a sketch, and we will call client back. If still unsure, we can have our movers come in and measure the space to make sure it will fit after we’ve received a deposit.

Why are there no prices on our website?

Please note that prices are not listed. The myriad of fabric, leg hardware, finishings and customization options available to our clientele is part of Montauk Sofa’s commitment to provide “made to measure” customer service. For pricing, contact or visit a Montauk Sofa store/showroom