robin modular sofa

Simply Irresistible. Who can resist the siren call of Montauk Sofa’s modular Robin leather sofa. This contemporary take on the classic leather sofa is designed for the wear and tear of everyday life (and the occasional spills). Whether you’re contemplating an afternoon nap, entertaining friends, or accommodating a large family, Robin will satisfy your lifestyle needs.

sofa 134"L x 42"D x 29"H *3 units
loveseat 100"L x 42"D x 29"H *2 units
chair 66"L x 42"D x 29"H
one arm chair 50'L x 42"D x 29"H
corner 42"L x 42"D x 29"H
armless chair 34"L x 42"D x 29"H

Available in fabric and leather. Composed of modular units, multiple configurations possible