tuxedo sofa details

Tuxedo seating features distinct rectilinear proportions, superior construction, a deep seat and comfortable and supportive back support. Versatile and elegant, the tuxedo armchair is a welcome addition to any home or office design style.

large sofa 106"L x 38"D x 27"H
sofa 76"L x 38"D x 27"H
loveseat 54"L x 38"D x 27"H
chair 33"L x 38"D x 27"H
queen sleeper 76"L x 40"D x 27"H
double sleeper 68"L x 40"D x 27"H
sectional 87" x 87"L x 38"D x 27"H

Available in custom sizes to fit your apartment in both leather and fabric.